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Blue Sky

Blue Sky


Blue Sky Studios: Blue Sky Studios is an animation studio founded in 1987 by a group led by Chris Wedge. The studio was acquired by 20th Century Fox in 1997 and is currently a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.
In 1982, with the advent of emerging computer technology, Disney hired a small computer animation company based in Olsford, New York, called MAGI, to create most of the CGI animations for Tron's pioneering film. MAGI is credited with some of the film's most memorable scenes, including the classic sequence of the light cycle. Here are some of the employees who met and formed a diverse and extremely talented group that finds Blue Sky Studios.
In February 1986, six of these innovators sat in a fully-fledged apartment, and with only their determined enthusiasm, they decided to raise a small amount of money to set up their own personal computer animation company. The pioneers were Alison Brown, David Brown, Michael Fararu, Carl Ludwig, Dr. Eugene Trobezky, and Chris Wedge.

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