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Wallace and Gromite

Wallace and Gromite


Wallace and Gromit join AR World with "The Big Fix Up".
Experienced augmented reality from the Aardman and Fictioneers consortium introduces its innovative new storytelling platform using unity tools, backed by the UK government budget.
For the first time, Wallace and Gromit, through The Big Fix Up, the first experience of its kind, story-driven, takes fans directly into their adventures, promising to bring symbolic characters with advanced and advanced realities. Put it together. Technology.
Collaborating with the award-winning animation studio Aardman, Fictioneers, a consortium of British companies, including Potato, Sugar Creative and Tiny Rebel Games, with research support from the University of South Wales, is producing an engaging and complex augmented reality experience that includes Wallace and Gromit are supported by the UKRI's Research and Innovation Budget.
Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up revives Wallace & Gromit in a whole new way while creating a new platform for storytelling. Using the latest CG technology, this experience allows fans to interact with each other and get closer to the virtual space of comedy from any other time. This experience will be rich and multi-layered and will be realized through new and innovative AR technology.

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