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Launch of "Animation Museum"


The chairman of the board of directors of Asiafa Iran (International Association of Manufacturers and Friends of Animated Films) stated that they do not have the budget to set up the "Animation Museum" in Iran.
Maryam Kashkuliania, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asiafa Iran, told Mehr about the latest status of the association's activities in Iran: "Currently, almost all of Asiafa's activities have been stopped due to the outbreak of the coronavirus." Due to the fact that most of our activities were followed at the Artists' House and in the hall that was given to us, the program of showing animated films has been stopped and at the moment we have no possibility to resume our activities in this field.
He said: "Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Iranian animation show was held in the presence of experts for those interested in the House of Artists, which was very well received. I hope that the conditions for re-showing these animations will be provided as soon as possible."
Kashkolyania also explained about the holding of the General Assembly of "Asifa": The General Assembly of "Asifa" was supposed to be held to elect a new board of directors in March 1998, which was unfortunately postponed due to the spread of Qovid 19.
He stressed: "As soon as the Hall of Artists is given to us, we will hold elections so that the new board of directors of Asiafa can be elected as soon as possible. I hope this board of directors consists of compassionate young people who follow our activities."
The chairman of the board of directors of "Asiafa" stated: "In Asiafa, several programs were followed, some of which reached the executive stage, and others were postponed due to lack of proper budget."
He continued: "For several years now, the Cinema Museum has been designing a hall for animation so that we can set up an animation museum in it, but unfortunately we have not been successful in this field yet. In fact, the hall should be designed and pavilioned, of course, its design." It has been done, but due to lack of sufficient budget, we have not been able to implement the plan.
The animation director emphasized: "Of course, we have requested appropriate funding from various institutions and organizations, but unfortunately we have not received any message from these institutions so far, and we are still waiting for sufficient funds to set up an animation museum." If the necessary funds are provided, we will definitely start this museum.
He said: "Of course, soon with the election of Asifa, the new board will be elected and our activities will continue. Attending the board of directors of Asiafa was a great experience for us and we did our best to follow the plans of Asiafa."
In the end, referring to the publication of "Asifanameh" magazine, Kashkuliania said: "During this period, we published 5 issues of the magazine called" Asifanameh ", which fortunately were accompanied by our volunteer friends in the field of animation." Of course, issue 6 of this magazine was also supposed to be published, but this issue was also postponed due to the lack of budget and, of course, the corona virus.

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